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Mechanisms, Ageing & Environment

The goal of this research topic is to identify molecular mechanisms underlying the aetiology of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease by analyzing respective mouse models at the molecular, biochemical, electrophysiological and behavioural level in order to find new approaches for therapeutical interventions. Furthermore, we will also analyse the effect of ageing and selected environmental stressors (diet, oxidative stress, behavioural stress) in these mouse models in order to determine first molecular mechanisms toping or interfering with the aetiology and/or progression of these diseases by non-genetic influences. Finally, since comorbidity between Alzheimer's Disease and Morbus Parkinson (and non-nervous diseases e.g. diabetes and cardiovascular disease) is still often neglected in todays research landscape a further goal of this research topic is to analyse different mouse models with respect to phenotypes normally analysed in the other disease(s). This cross-validation approach will identify molecular junctions between the diseases, the knowledge of which will be invaluable to avoid undesired side effects of new therapeutical approaches.