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Listen to the Neuroscience Podcast from Nature

You can listen to the show directly by clicking on the link below: the MP3 file will play in your media player.


27 Febuary 2009: Kerri chats to Darwin's great-great-grandson about his relative's role in child psychology, decodes visual memory, provides a rough guide to glial cells and hears about an AI project making its way to an office near you.

          [56kbps mp3 / 23min / 10MB]


28 January 2009: In this month's show, we celebrate fifty years of pheromones, discover how brain cells know who to network with, why imaging might be giving us a misleading picture of brain activity, and how sleeping lightly at night could be making you forgetful the next day.

          [56kbps mp3 / 25min / 10MB]


19 December 2008: In this month's show, Kerri finds out why researchers are studying slumbering flies, looks back on the life of famous amnesiac patient HM, finds a load of brain proteins whose function is changed by adding fat, and takes a tour of a brain bank in London.

          [56kbps mp3 / 35min / 14MB]


28 November 2008: This month's show is packed full of highlights of the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Washington, DC. Discover why neuroscientists are interested in carbon nanotubes, how to do neuroscience for under $100, and how a patient with locked-in syndrome has been able to produce speech.

          [56kbps mp3 / 32min / 13MB]


24 October 2008: In this show, Kerri Smith discovers how monkeys have regained movement in paralysed limbs, finds out how the brain is affected by steroids, hunts out two new Alzheimer's disease targets and reports back from a meeting on autism.

          [56kbps mp3 / 30min / 12MB]


30 September 2008: In this episode, we look at the psychology of the credit crunch, pit two treatments for depression against each other and find out why deaf people can retain the ability to speak even when they can no longer hear. Plus, Kerri reports on an unusual play with a neuroscience theme.

          [56kbps mp3 / 27min / 11MB]


27 August 2008: This month, Kerri Smith brings you news of how magic can inform neuroscience, the development of our sense of fairness, mice that stay thin despite a high-fat diet, and the ultimate selfish genes.

          [56kbps mp3 / 26min / 11MB]


25 July 2008: In this episode, Kerri Smith investigates sleep deprivation and false memories, virtual reality drug dens, electrical harmony in the brain, and more highlights of the FENS meeting in Geneva.

          [56kbps mp3 / 28min / 11MB]


26 June 2008: In this episode, Kerri Smith investigates how uninherited mutations are insuring the survival of schizophrenia, discovers how thinning in the cortex could help diagnose Tourette syndrome, finds out how mice are being used to understand the genes that control speech, and hears what language can tell us about human nature.

          [56kbps mp3 / 25min / 10MB]


19 May 2008: This month, Kerri Smith finds out why humans are such musical creatures, talks to researchers developing a monkey model of Huntington's disease, discovers how the brain speaks and listens at the same time and tackles one of philosophy's biggest challenges: free will.

          [56kbps mp3 / 25min / 10MB]


23 April 2008: In this episode, we take a chance to find out about risky decision-making, liken working memory to a digital camera, link stress and anxiety to genetics and explore the unfathomable world of the teenage brain.

          [56kbps mp3 / 34min / 14MB]


13 December 2007: This month, Kerri Smith reports from a brain imaging conference in London, discovers a protein that triggers aggression in male mice, bisexual flies reveal how the brain controls behaviour, and we learn why exercise is good for the brain as well as the body.

          [48kbps mp3 / 27min / 9MB]


16 November 2007: In this special issue of NeuroPod, Kerri Smith brings you the best of the Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego, California. Find out what computers can do for brains, find two ways to zoom in on pain, hear some of the most quickfire conference presentations ever, and discover what the Rolling Stones were doing at the meeting.

          [64kbps mp3 / 27min / 12MB]


01 November 2007: See the brain in glorious Technicolor, discover how the brain controls optimism, hear about an on-off switch for mice, and debate the 'hash realities' of cannabis.

          [64kbps mp3 / 29min / 14MB]


08 October 2007: How brain research is changing the face of warfare, what brain imaging really tells us, anaesthetics that don't cause paralysis, and learning under stress.

          [48kbps mp3 / 22min / 8MB]


12 October 2006: Kerri Smith explores the latest neuroscience research from Nature: untangling autism, slimming down obesity, getting emotional about memories, multipurpose ion channels, and neuroeconomics.

          [48kbps mp3 / 31min / 11MB]


Interview with Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz on Current Issues in Stem Cell Research [in German]

Die Stammzellforschung wird in der Öffentlichkeit oft und heftig diskutiert. Stammzellen zeichnen sich durch zwei herausragende Eigenschaften aus: Einerseits, dass sie sich selber erneuern können und andererseits, dass sie alle differenzierten Zelltypen eines Organs bilden können. Um die molekularen Mechanismen zu erforschen, die Stammzellen spezifizieren, braucht man innovative Ansätze.

         [ 128kbps mp3 / 7min33 / 7MB]


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